Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kindergarteners love learning about PARTS!

K1 Plant Parts

K1 is learning about plant parts and planting seedlings  
 for the school garden! I found a few cute surprises when I was looking through their work. We had students construct their flowers first and then gave them the labels to add on. This was an assessment to see if they could identify the plant parts. I had expected students to label seeds by the flower, but this little girl drew seeds under the soil. This makes sense because have been planting seeds in the soil for 3 weeks! In the second picture, the student added details to the leaves and the flower. We have been working on creating observations of our bean plants that include the details of the actual plant. I always model the skills of a scientist for all my students. What a nice surprise to see both students show their understanding.


K2 Animals Parts

In K2 we are studying animals. We started the week with a snail hunt in our Outdoor classroom. Then we watched videos of snails going about their daily routines to observe their structures. After we talked about snail structures and made a model of the snail using a paper plate for the shell, foam paper for the body and bulletin board paper for the shell swirl!
The expectation was for each snail to have a shell, foot, eye stalks, antennae and a radula. The students were so excited to take these home!

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